About Me

Hi, I’m Dylan, an artist, writer, and photographer based in the beautiful city of Cape Town, South Africa.

My photography journey began when I joined my high school photography club at the age of fourteen - when developing film in a darkroom was the standard procedure. Since then, I’ve spent more than 20 years wading deeper and deeper into the medium of art photography, with the relentlessness of somebody who has discovered their passion and purpose in life.

When I’m not purposefully getting lost in the mountains, I love interacting with other humans through the act of portraiture. The psychological dimension of this encounter fascinates me, and I’m motivated by the shift in self-perception a beautiful portrait can activate within us. The impression we project to others can be a powerful method to disentangle oneself from the same old face we see in the mirror every day. In this sense, I regard portraiture as a tool for positive affirmation; bearing witness to your unique and fleeting existence.

Beyond the ongoing aesthetic experiments that define my art photography, I’m intrigued by the frontier of self-determination available to all artists in the digital/social age. Liberated from the exclusivity of a centuries-old gallery system, artists have an unprecedented opportunity to take their destiny into their own hands, as marketing and selling become extensions of their art. 

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Cinematography from AFDA, as well as an M.A in Media Theory & Practice from the University of Cape Town. My art work has been exhibited at galleries in London, Berlin, Beijing, Amsterdam, Cape Town, and Johannesburg. Dogs are the best.

Drop me a line: dc@dylanculhane.com